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Flodatix is pleased to announce the successful testing during 5 days last year of its signature multiphase flow meter, Flodatix Meter at the TÜV National Engineering Laboratory in East Kilbride, Scotland, the custodian authority of the UK’s flow measurement and calibration standards.

Flodatix Meter can be installed both horizontally and vertically to meet client requirements. We simultaneously tested this device on both horizontal and vertical multiphase flows with gas and water cuts ranging from 0 to 100%. The maximum liquid and gas flowrates tested were 10,000 barrels/day and 500,000 cubic feet/day, respectively, comfortably covering the output capacity of the majority of the world’s oil and wet gas fields.

The measurement triangle (below) shows our comprehensive testing coverage. Points at the vertices of the triangle represent flows that are 100% oil (O), gas (G) or water (W). Points along the sides of each triangle represent two-phase flows, with the relative proportion of each constituent indicated by its position. For example, the point midway along the side O-W represents a two-phase flow that is 50% oil and 50% water. Points in the middle of the triangle represent three-phase flows, with the position of each in relation to the oil, gas and water vertices representing the proportional combination of all three constituents. For each data point our measurement uncertainties are fully traceable to UK national standards.

Flodatix Meter is equipped with our unique Flodatix Insight technology to enable real-time in-situ multiphase flow visualisation in both 2D and 3D, with imaging output directly comparable to NEL’s reference X-ray tomography system.


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The above animation illustrates one of our test sequences using Flodatix’s proprietary 3D visualisation software. One can see the structures within a two-phase vertical flow where gas (in red) is continuous, travelling largely up through the centre of the pipe, whereas the water (in blue) flows annularly on the outside. Note also the larger gas structures or slugs that periodically fill the whole cross section of the pipe.


Flodatix MPFM Test Coverage