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By combining proven electromagnetic imaging technologies in one cost-effective metering solution, Flodatix enables operators to create highly accurate, high resolution, multi-dimensional digital imaging of multiphase flows in real time.

By providing detailed measurements of the composition, volume fractions, flow rates, and densities of multiphase flows, we are bringing a new level of standardisation to multiphase flow metering – one that can quickly and easily be deployed to enhance operator workflow by delivering an understanding of the production flow that has not previously been achievable.

The Cost Effective Solution

Flodatix is a multiphase flow metering solution with a significantly lower overall cost of ownership, offering increased efficiency and productivity. Our superior, accurate and highly granular data helps production and reservoir engineers understand and optimise production.

  • A new level of standardisation drives down the cost of sourcing, purchasing and calibrating multiphase flow meters.
  • Highly accurate and detailed flow measurement, combined with high-resolution 3D visualisation, delivers cost-effective flow analysis.
  • A new standard for reliability reduces both capital and operational expenditure, while also ensuring maximum availability.
  • Access to accurate, high quality data in real-time enables cost-effective remote monitoring and greater well automation.

The Smart 360˚ Solution

Flodatix is transforming the management of oil and gas production by enabling users to create highly accurate digital visualisations of the flow in real time. By analysing the raw flow data, users can define quantifiable outcomes.

  • Direct 360˚ measurement across the whole pipe removes the need to infer or approximate data.
  • The high-speed measurement of composition, volume fractions, flow rates, and densities are all traceable to international standards.
  • Flodatix Insight enables advanced multiphase flow simulation, visualisation and analysis right down to the detail in every pixel.
  • Users of Flodatix Insight can deep dive into the data with the focus, definition, and precision needed to derive real value.
  • The provision of high-resolution data enables the calibration of sophisticated production and reservoir models.

The Universal Solution

Flodatix delivers a robust, non-nuclear, non-intrusive, standardised flow metering solution using integrated technology that can be deployed anywhere, anytime. Our technology offers easy, universal access to high quality flow data; upstream, midstream or downstream.

  • A lightweight, safe and standardised solution for multiphase flow metering that can easily and quickly be deployed.
  • A non-nuclear, non-intrusive solution that can be removed and shipped safely for reuse without the need for re-calibration.
  • A robust and retrofittable solution that delivers longer operational lifetime with reduced maintenance.
  • A solution with applications across all operations, from testing and production through to allocation, flowback and well/field optimisation.

The Future of Flow Visualisation