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Flodatix Meter and Flodatix Insight offer highly accurate, high quality monitoring solutions for a wide range of oil and gas production and operational challenges. These include:

  • Accurate and real time measurement of phase velocity and density, with data taken 20 times per second, ensures a fast response to changing chokes and changing well conditions.

  • In fracked wells, the initial flow consists of water, gas and sand. It may take a few hours or days to reduce sand production and reach stable oil production. Monitoring ‘flowback’ in real time protects processing facilities by optimising when the well is put on full production.

  • By monitoring the composition of the produced flow structure, Flodatix Meter ensures that gas injection or electrical lift pumps can be optimised to provide maximum lift efficiency and minimise gas channelling through the fluid.

  • Flodatix Meter can provide the data required to accurately share the value of comingled production between stakeholders. It can also do this safely and at reduced cost, and the use of a multi-position choke manifold can provide accurate allocation on an ongoing basis.

The Future of Flow Visualisation