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Flodatix Insight is a flexible, user-friendly interface designed to enable the full analysis of the detailed flow data provided by Flodatix Meter. The interface offers a series of applications designed to deliver specific solutions to production and operational challenges.

Within each of these applications, the data can be viewed as detailed, multi-dimensional images, cross-sections of the flow, or as time series data – providing the user with intuitive visualisation to gain a unique comprehension of the flow structure.

    • High quality data monitoring and reporting.
    • Database available for analysis and interpretation.
    • Sophisticated digital data visualisation tool.
    • Real time visualisation of 2D and 3D flow structure.
    • Data provides parameters to calibrate industry production models.
    • Software ‘applications’ support a variety of field applications.
    • Digital output can be ported into production modelling software.
    • Data provided by IP protocols or via Modbus and PRODML.
    • Data can be transmitted onwards via Modbus and PRODML.

The Future of Flow Visualisation