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Flodatix Meter provides a detailed description of the flow dynamics at a local level of more than 800 pixels in a 360˚cross-section of the pipe. Data is gathered at a rate of 20 times per second.

The data flow stream contains concentration, velocity, density and other properties of each of the three phases of oil, gas and water – for each pixel, in each moment.

    • Pipe is subdivided into more than 800 matrix pixels and total pipe is monitored.
    • Measurement is direct in each pixel, not extrapolated from a thin beam.
    • Phase, velocity and density are all measured in each pixel.
    • Total flow rates are based on integrated values from each pixel.
    • No flow restriction in the meter; no flow conditioning required.
    • Full pipe visualisation of flow structure, phase and velocity.
    • With no nuclear source, no radiation permit is required.
    • Significant health, safety and environmental benefits.
    • Ability to locate anywhere on the production facility.
    • Meter does not deteriorate as radiation source decays.
    • Reduced Capex and Opex costs.
    • No field calibration required.
    • Full range measurement of multiphase flow in all conditions.
    • Direct electromagnetic measurement of phase composition, density and velocity.
    • Instantaneous determination of water or hydrocarbons as continuous flow.
    • Automatically adjusts to zones where oil and water transition.
    • Fast data acquisition of all parameters at 20 frames per second.
    • Fully traceable to international standards.
    • Low footprint and light for easy handling and installation.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Meter requires low power and voltage.

The Future of Flow Visualisation