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When it comes to innovation, Flodatix is a business doing what has never been done before. The harnessing of a number of electromagnetic technologies to deliver a multiphase flow meter application is ground-breaking and has the potential to disrupt the sector.

Flodatix offers substantial advantages over existing solutions in the oil and gas sector, providing accuracy, cost competitiveness with no nuclear sources. We are building something very different. We have created a technologically advanced, digital solution that will advance the world of multiphase flow metering today and tomorrow. This is how we got here…

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March 2022

Wholly-owned US subsidiary, Flodatix US Inc., incorporated

February 2022

Prototype Flodatix Meter ready for field testing in the US

December 2021

Prototype Flodatix Meter tested at UK onshore Oil and Gas Company

November 2021

Prototype Flodatix Meter ready to commence field-testing.

December 2020

Company rebranded as Flodatix Limited.

August 2020

Qualification testing of field test prototype at third party industrial three-phase flow loop over the full range of oilfield flow conditions.

April 2020

Simon Yeldham appointed Chief Operating Officer.

June 2019

Launched field test prototype development.

September 2018

Commissioned in-house, three-phase flow loop, allowing internal testing of system over a wide range of flow conditions.

January 2018

Company moves into new premises at Spectrum Court in Basingstoke, Hants UK.

June 2017

Private Equity investment secured to assist technology development and commercialisation.

April 2016

Integrated prototype build project commences.

October 2015

Integrated software development project underway.

April 2015

Performance of the technology proven in three-phase flow.

October 2014

Laboratory three-phase flow rig demonstrator operational and image processing developed.

April 2014

The three electronic imaging technologies each separately proven and validated in two-phase flow.

April 2013

Feasibility project commenced and initial IP filed.

January 2013

Company first incorporated.